How to Get What You Want

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  1. colleen whalen says:

    What I want? Tell me how to get the following…….

    Learn how to make false eyelashes stay on my eyelids without falling off.

    To marry Johnny Depp or/or Adam Ant and live in Tahiti, Paris, Dharmasala and own a mansion in Mill Valley.

    To pay off $60,000 in student loan debt – big problem is my 4 degrees have made me unemployed for 4 years.

    Lose 50 pounds. 6 pack abs.

    To find some vacant land in Midtown and build a tiny hobbit house on it – with a large garden for goats, chickens, plant a mini-vineyard, veggie garden and fruit trees to create Permaculture food forest.

    Host a monthly salon in my living room and create a society according to my own liking.

    To have the CEO and Board of Directors of Monsanto arrested, put on trial and convicted for all their evil-doings.

    To help Bradley Manning, Julian Assage and Edward whats-his-name – the guy who disappeared in the Russian airport that our govt is hunting for……find a way to help them all find safe refuge in a new country that will give them permanent political asylum. Hooray for whistleblowers.

    To figure out a way how to gather up all the conflict seeking, bossy, know-it-all type people and put them on a desert island – along with religious fanatics who won’t shut up when asked to cease and desist.

    To get 33,000 signatures on petitions to create a measure on June, 2014 election ballot to give voters the right to choose whether or not taxpayers have to pay for new downtown arena.

    Learn to play a musical instrument with proficiency.

    Learn to speak persian, french and italian.

    To circumnavigate the globe.

    Now do you give classes in how to accomplish all of the above?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Colleen! We currently are not offering any classes on these provocative issues, but encourage anyone who could teach them to fill out one of our online applications.

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