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Sacramento Movie Premiere: “Merlove”

Filmmaker Rudolf N. McClain will be coming to Sacramento on July 18 for an exclusive showing of his critically acclaimed new documentary Merlove.

This will be an evening full of food, commentary and, of course, wine!

Tickets are available at and Revolution Wines.

To learn more about “Merlove”, watch the trailer below and visit

Keep checking in for more information about this event!

Noche Mexicana! Saturday, May 30!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Noche Mexicana

with Revolution Wines

Revolution Wines is hosting the fiesta of the summer with some Latin spice! This Saturday the tasting room at the Sacramento urban winery will be ready to mix things up with tacos, salsa dancing and sangria.

Yemayá Dance Studio founder, Emelie Andagan, and her dancers are set to perform and provide a dance lesson to keep the evening moving, while Revolution Wines provides a taco bar and special sangria created straight from their winery. The tasting bar will be open all evening and wine will be for sale by the glass or by the bottle.

TIME: 7:00 PM

PLACE: Revolution Wines, 2116 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
Available at
$12 general admission
$10 students, Revolution Wine Club and S.I.F members
$15 at the door

Genealogy and More!

Join us tomorrow night at 7 PM at Revolution Wines to enjoy great wine and hear from author, John A. McKinsey.

We will be talking about genealogy and how it relates to McKinsey’s historical novel, The Lincoln Secret.

Get your tickets now!

Click here to take the Honest Abe quiz on the Lincoln Bicentennial website. How much do you really know about our 16th president?

Lincoln’s Secret Genes May 8th!

Author John A. McKinsey joins The Institute for a night of history and genealogy.

Abraham Lincoln may have a secret, and you could too! Have you ever traced your family tree and found some odd, mysterious branch?

McKinsey has spent time looking into genealogical errors and mysteries, and his discoveries inspired his historical novel about Lincoln’s questionable family past.

Don’t miss the event that may shed some light on the black sheep of your family!

Tickets are on sale now 🙂

It’s all about Ellington TONIGHT!

Tonight The Institute will be hanging out at Revolution Wines with Adam Jenkins. We’ll be listening to some great jazz and enjoying wine and food. There are still tickets available, but they’re going quick, so get yours now!

This is the time to brush up on your jazz knowledge before the Jazz Jubilee in May!

See you tonight at 7 PM at Revolution Wines (2116 P Street)!

Did The Duke have what it takes to make it on American Idol?

Jazz Night III “The History and Music of Duke Ellington” is on Friday, so we thought we’d get you a little sneak preview!

Chris was able to grab some time with Adam Jenkins to ask a few very important questions about this Friday’s featured jazz master, check it out!

Duke of what? Is “Duke” really Ellington’s first name?

“No. Duke’s real name is Edward Kennedy Ellington and he was born in Washington D.C (which is why the D.C. Quarter will have him on it) How did he acquire the aforementioned moniker? It’s a funny story it started when he was young and of course involved pretty girls who … see you Friday night.”

Why did you pick Ellington to be the first artist featured in your Jazz Profiles series? Why not Kenny G?

“I chose Duke for a number of reasons, first and foremost out of respect for his accomplishments. He is truly one of the most revered musicians in 20th century American music (Jazz,Rock or Classical) His professional career covers almost the entire history of jazz from 1920 to 1970. To put it in perspective, when the great alto saxophonist Charlie Parker was born, Duke already was playing professionally, and Duke survived him by 19 years. Duke’s music is one of America’s great exports.”

“Secondly, the story of Duke Ellington, or more correctly Duke Inc. is a fascinating history of 20th century America, The Harlem Renaissance, race politics, the politics of the music business, the management skills of keeping 20 guys (Sun Ra referred to Duke’s band as a bunch of Diva’s) happy while on tour and much, much more.”

“As for not starting with Kenny G…..time hasn’t illuminated his role in the development of jazz yet. I’ll leave that story for future scholars.”

What would Duke Ellington think of Kelly Clarkson?

“Not one to presume to put words in Duke’s mouth, I might imagine that in some eloquent way he would say that if her music is honest and well performed then it doesn’t matter what anyone else would say. (I think the Ellington Ensemble would not have lasted on American Idol for very long even though history will remember them for much longer).”

Tell us something shocking or amazing about Duke Ellington.

“He didn’t like the color green. Not shocking I know, but I’ve got to save the good stuff for Friday.”

Jazz Night is BACK! Jazz Night III; The History and Music of Duke Ellington with Adam Jenkins

As the winner of 13 Grammy Awards, Duke Ellington has been called “one of the most influential people in American music.”

Join Adam Jenkins and The Sacramento Institute of Fun at Revolution Wines to listen to his story and his acclaimed music for one night only! One hour of discussion and history of Ellington will be followed by a listening party of his best work.

As with all Institute of Fun events, delicious food and a glass of wine are included in the price of admission.No previous knowledge of music is necessary to enjoy this event, so don’t miss this one!

Friday, April 10, 2009

7PM – 10 PM

Revolution Wines
2116 P Street
Sacramento, CA


$24.95 general admission

$19.95 students and Revolution Wine Club members

$14.95 SIF members

$30 at the door

Get your tickets HERE!

For more information please email us at
or call us at 916-730-6521

IMPORTANT INFO about Astronomy Night! Please read!


Hi Everyone!

We are really excited for Astronomy Night and we want to make sure you are all fully informed about the event!

First of all, you are allowed to park anywhere on campus for this event, except for designated handicap spaces (unless you have a permit to do so). Here is a pdf of the campus map to help you figure out where the best place to park will be and how to get to Rodda Hall – South. (

There will be signs on Rodda Hall- South directing you to the correct entrance to get up to the roof, which is only accessible by stairs. We will be doing the check in on the roof, so come on up! We will be out on the roof for the majority of the event so wear warm clothes and bring a jacket.

One last thing! If the weather is not clear we will not be able to see anything through the clouds so we will be rescheduling this event to Saturday, March 21. It will be at the same place and at the same time only the date will change.

We will send an email out as soon as we know if the event will have to be rescheduled, if you won’t be near a computer you can call (916) 558-2423 after 5:30 PM on Saturday. This is the message phone for the Observatory and Liam will update it to let you know if this Saturday’s event is canceled.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email me at

Thanks! And we look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Casey Farrell
“The Fun Sidekick”

UC Davis Wine Tasting Event this Saturday

For all you S.I.F wine-lovers here’s a tasting event this Saturday put on by the Department of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis you may be interested in! Please contact the coordinator of this event for more information as this is not a Sacramento Institute of Fun event.

Here are the details:

Would you like to experience sensory evaluation of wine, but you don’t have time to make a commitment to be on a panel?

If so next Saturday March 14th, I will be conducting a consumer test in which you’ll have the opportunity to taste 6 High Quality Red Wines – from all over the world!

This is an one time only event and each tasting will last a maximum of 45min. You do not need to be an expert in wine. You’ll just have to like red wine and be the kind of consumer that will usually buy a $30 red wine.

If you are interested please send me an email ASAP ( ) and I will provide you with more information regarding the time slots that you can sign up for.

Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you!


I promise it will be a great experience!!!

Beatriz Machado

MS Candidate – Heymann’s Lab
VIticulture and Enology Departmen
RMI Sensory Lab 2003
Department of Viticulture and Enology
University of California, Davis

Kristy DeVaney’s Massage and Chocolate Wrap Up

Our lovely chocolate expert from Massage and Chocolate Night wrapped up the night very nicely in her blog, if you’d like you check it out click here!