Welcome to the New IOF!

Dear Friend of the Institute of Fun,

As you may be aware, we’ve decided to relaunch the Institute of Fun after a 4-year hiatus. We’re excited about the possibilities for the revived IOF, and we want as you to get involved!

Our vision for the IOF is as a place and organization that you can look to as a reliable source of smart, social entertainment. Each Institute of Fun event will be aimed at teaching you at least one thing that you may not have known before the event. And, our events will be convenient for the busy person, affordable, and, most of all, fun!

To preview the sort of classes that we’ll be offering when we start up for real in the fall, we’re taking over the semi-circle stage space in front of the Marrs Building (20th Street between J and K) during the 2nd Saturday “This Midtown” event on July 13 from 4pm to 8pm.

The larger event is totally free and will feature some great bands, great food, and a variety of interactive and fun goings-on. Our area will feature 10 minute mini-classes, including:

  • Musicianship for Non-musicians
  • Math is Fun
  • How Does Hypnosis Work?
  • Do It Yourself in Sacramento

We’ll also be bringing members of the audience up on stage to try out to be Institute of Fun Professors. So, if you have an amazing thing that you can do and teach others to do, come on down and be ready to do your thing for 5 to 10 minutes! You too could join the elite ranks of the Institute of Fun professors.

The Institute of Fun is all about expanding the possibilities for having and creating fun in your town. We have some ideas about possible ways to do this and we just posted a bunch of potential fun events to our website at www.instituteoffun.com. If you have other ideas about what is fun, please let us know or add comments to our event ideas on the site!


Chris Minnick
Chief Fun Officer
Institute of Fun

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  1. colleen whalen says:

    #1 I can teach people how to make home-made Kombucha which tastes like nectar of the gods in Elysian fields.

    #2 I can teach people how to make homemade pickles, preserve fruits & veg they buy at the Farmers Market.

    #3 I can teach folks how to garden organically.

    BTW – only the first one could be demonstrated in 5-10 minutes at MARRS complex outside. #2 and #3 needs a different setting – the pickling, food preserving class needs a lot of stuff for set up. The gardening class really needs to be done outdoors on some land so people can get their fingers in the dirt. Otherwise, it’s just an abstract, intellectual, experience instead of experiential and kinesthetic.

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