IMPORTANT INFO about Astronomy Night! Please read!


Hi Everyone!

We are really excited for Astronomy Night and we want to make sure you are all fully informed about the event!

First of all, you are allowed to park anywhere on campus for this event, except for designated handicap spaces (unless you have a permit to do so). Here is a pdf of the campus map to help you figure out where the best place to park will be and how to get to Rodda Hall – South. (

There will be signs on Rodda Hall- South directing you to the correct entrance to get up to the roof, which is only accessible by stairs. We will be doing the check in on the roof, so come on up! We will be out on the roof for the majority of the event so wear warm clothes and bring a jacket.

One last thing! If the weather is not clear we will not be able to see anything through the clouds so we will be rescheduling this event to Saturday, March 21. It will be at the same place and at the same time only the date will change.

We will send an email out as soon as we know if the event will have to be rescheduled, if you won’t be near a computer you can call (916) 558-2423 after 5:30 PM on Saturday. This is the message phone for the Observatory and Liam will update it to let you know if this Saturday’s event is canceled.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email me at

Thanks! And we look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Casey Farrell
“The Fun Sidekick”

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